posted by: LIT First Aid on: August 23, 2019

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Often people will tell you to stop thinking about the what-ifs. And they're right! It's important to not dwell on possible scenarios that might or might never happen. However, it is also important to be prepared for those unexpected situations, such as a choking mishap or a swimming accident. Knowing how to address the what-ifs can be a life-saving difference. Scroll down to find out what common accidents you should always prepare for!

One bite too many

You're at a restaurant and you notice your friend begins to cough. At first, you think its a standard water down the wrong pipe situation, but then you begin to realize they're struggling to breathe! Knowing how to administer the Heimlich maneuver would come in handy to help your friend. The Heimlich maneuver is conducting abdominal thrusts to free the upper airway passage from obstruction. A basic first-aid procedure to know when dinner goes south.

Facing heat

Imagine you're babysitting and the child looking after accidentally spills extremely hot chocolate all over their leg? Basic first-aid skills to treat first-degree burns would help prevent the blister from becoming worse. Certainly, a visit to the doctor is always a good call, but it doesn't hurt to know how to treat the wound and lessen the pain before your visit to the ER.

How to save a life

Knowing how to administer CPR can save someone with a heart attack or from near-drowning. It's an important first-aid procedure everyone should know in case of an unfortunate incident. Luckily, the LIT First Aid and Lifeguard Training Courses cover first-aid skills that can help you with a minor injury or a life-threatening one. LIT offers courses in multiple locations all over the Greater Vancouver area. See how you can save a life, and sign up for a course today!


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