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posted by: LIT First Aid on: October 07, 2020

Image by: Elisabeth Wales


Working out has never been more important than it is right now. Both for the mental and physical health benefits that can be derived from it, it is imperative that we continue to exercise regularly even as the cold weather sets in. Below, we’ve compiled a list of COVID-friendly fall exercises that you can continue to do outdoors until it’s too cold to do so.



Going for a jog or a run is an activity that one can do year-round. However, in many parts of the world, there is no better time to jog than in the fall. That is because temperatures are cooler yet mild, and there is almost no humidity in the air. This makes it the ideal temperature for running, as you won’t be stifled by heat or paralyzed by the cold. In addition, running can easily be done outdoors with no equipment other than a pair of sneakers. If you’re interested in running, then be sure to take advantage of these last few weeks of fall before you’ll have to start running indoors or invest in some thermals! 



Hiking is not only a COVID-friendly activity (since it’s outdoors), it’s also the perfect activity for fall. That is because in many parts of the world, fall brings with it stunning foliage and mild temperatures. That means that by going on a hike in a park near you, you will not only reap the physical benefits of exercise that hiking offers, but you’ll be treated to a spectacular symphony of colours.



There is nothing quite as relaxing as outdoor yoga. You can do outdoor yoga in your backyard or even in a public park, so long as you keep a physical distance of six feet from others. Yoga is a great way to improve mood, increase flexibility, and tone and strengthen muscles. If you’re practicing outdoors in cooler weather, we recommend a vinyasa (or flow) practice. These practices move at a quicker pace and will be more likely to keep you warm on a crisp fall morning.


The existence of COVID-19 doesn’t mean that exercising is forbidden. In fact, there are several ways you can continue to safely workout outdoors, even during the colder fall months. However, should you or someone in your household contract COVID-19, learning basic first aid can help prepare you. Sign up for the L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Training courses to learn important first aid skills and CPR.

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