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There’s much to love about living in the modern world, but it’s just a fact of life that it can be stressful from time to time. For most people, it’s only a small amount of pressure, and they’re able to handle it just fine. But for others, things are more difficult. The number of people who are living with debilitating stress and other mental health conditions have rocketed in recent years, and there’s every chance that someone you know is in that position. So how do you help a friend or family member in this position? We take a look below.

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Let them be

Someone who’s feeling the strain of life can’t be snapped into a better state of mind. It takes time, and, in fact, trying to rush a person to feel better can actually have the opposite effect. An excellent way to help is to simply make them understand that what they’re feeling is normal, and that you’re there for them should they need it.

Take them out

It’s easy for a person who’s not feeling at their mental best to slip into the habit of staying indoors, and shutting themselves away. While this is OK for a day or two, if it goes on too long, they’ll only feel worse. Think up a fun activity, and take them out for the day -- even if they’re not on sparkling form, it’ll be good for them.

Small favours

Finally, look at doing small favours, such as cooking meals or helping out around the house. It’ll be one less thing for them to deal with as they work on getting themselves better.

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