posted by: LIT First Aid on: February 23, 2019

It may have been a long and cold winter, but spring - and warmer weather - is on the horizon. When it arrives, we’re all going to be looking forward to all the carefree fun that it brings. And what better way to spend a sun-soaked day than by relaxing at the beach, and splashing in the water? Yet while this is undoubtedly fun, it’s also potentially dangerous, and it’s important that we all know how to stay safe when we’re there. Below, we look at a few essential rules for ensuring everyone has an enjoyable, safe time.

man swimming
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Manned areas

There’s much fun to be had in wild swimming, but you should only do so if you’re an experienced swimmer. To be on the safe side, always swim where there’s a lifeguard on duty. If there is no lifeguard at the beach you’re visiting, stay in the dedicated swimming section, which will be signalled by buoys or lines.

Group swimming

It’s also advisable not to go swimming on your own, or send any of your family out on their own. It’s much easier to spot - and handle - potential problems if there is more than one person in the water. Plus, it’s much fun to splash in the water as a group anyway!

Rough conditions

Sometimes, it’s best to admit defeat and accept that the conditions are not on your side, rather than commit to swimming regardless of what’s happening in the water. If the water looks choppy or the light is fading, stay on the shore. There’ll be other times to swim!

You can add an extra layer of safety by studying on a first aid or lifeguard course with LIT First Aid & Lifeguard Training, during which you’ll learn how to how to provide preliminary care should one of your party find themselves in difficulty.

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