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posted by: LIT First Aid on: December 12, 2019

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon


As the last hurrah for the holidays, New Year's Eve is full of celebration. Fun parties are hosted everywhere to ring in the new year. Yet, New Year's Eve is a time known for its spike in health risks and injury. For such an exciting and much anticipated holiday season, there is a pressure to celebrate it to the fullest, often leading people to overindulge and behave recklessly. It's important to be aware of and avoid these hazards. 


To make sure you have the BEST New Year's Eve yet, follow the tips below for a fun and safe holiday.


1) Don't drink and drive 

Unfortunately, many people make poor decisions at New Year's Eve, espcially when intoxicated. The number of drunk drivers on the road increases during this particular evening. Before heading out, make a plan for getting home. Be prepared to hail a taxi or find a designated driver. Also, keep in mind that you're not the only one on the road, stay vigilant and report others who you suspect may be driving intoxicated.


2) Don't use firearms
The excitement of New Year's Eve festivities sometimes encourages people to fire guns directly into the air, leaving the stray bullets to fall and strike unsuspecting victims. Simply avoid firing guns anywhere—the consequences are not worth it. 


3) Be careful with fireworks

The best practice to avoid injury from fireworks is to let the experts handle it. However, if you're inclined to try and light off fireworks yourself, make sure to follow all rules and instructions. It's also important to never allow fireworks into the hands of children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 40% of injuries result from small devices like bottle rockets and sparklers. In 2013, children aged 0-5 years experienced a higher rate of fireworks injury.


Enjoy New Year's Eve to the fullest with these common sense, smart and safe practices. There's no reason to be exposed to such unnecessary hazards, but sometimes accidents happen. Sign up for classes at the L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Training Course and be prepared for any situation any time of the year.

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