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posted by: LIT First Aid on: January 05, 2021

Image by: Arek Adeoye


We are in the midst of what is bound to be a long, dark, and cold winter, made even darker this year by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While the second wave has prompted a new round of restrictions in most Canadian provinces, cases continue to rise across the country and leaders continue to urge the population to stay home as much as possible. Although staying home is the best way to curb the spread of the virus, this new state of lockdown will certainly take a toll on one’s mental health. Below, we offer a few key ways you can prioritize your mental health and get through the second wave of COVID-19.


Identify Your Preferred Coping Skills

The first step in staying mentally fit during the second wave is to identify your preferred coping skills. Having a habit you can turn to when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed will help you deal with the stress and overcome it. Coping mechanisms can range from meditation or yoga to taking deep breaths, going for a walk, or even napping. Figure out what method works best for you and put it into practice whenever you start to feel stressed or anxious.


Minimize Screen Time

Many people have been indulging in Netflix and the like a little more than normal during the pandemic. This is perfectly fine, however, it’s a good idea to balance out your screen time with other activities, such as exercise or going for a walk outdoors. Fresh air can work wonders for one’s mental health, even during the winter months. Further, when it comes to watching or reading the news, this is an activity that should be minimized, as taking in COVID-19 related news can be exhausting and overwhelming, neither of which is good for your mental health. Try to limit your news intake to once or twice a day.


Think Back to the First Wave

If you start to feel anxious or depressed about the pandemic and the long winter ahead, think back to the first wave. Even if you struggled during the first wave, remembering it will remind you that you got through it - and you’ll get through the second wave too. Try and remind yourself of the positive aspects of the first wave, such as any new hobbies you took up or how you stayed connected with loved ones. 


Although the COVID-19 vaccine has already begun being administered to Canadians, it will still be some time before the majority of the population is vaccinated. Until then, it’s important to stay home and prioritize one’s mental health. To keep yourself and those you live with safe, learning basic first aid can help.  Sign up for the L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Training courses to learn important first aid skills and CPR.

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