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Snowman holding a shovel. Photo by Jill Wellington via PexelsPhoto by Jill Wellington

Winter is definitely here – all across North America there are reports of major snowfalls, with many regions experiencing well over a foot of snow accumulating on the ground in one day! While it may make for a winter wonderland, it also means something else: shovelling. If you have a driveway or are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of your home (this varies from city to city), you know all too well the pain and sorrow of shovelling through a major dump of snow. Here are some tips for staying safe and avoiding injury!


It may seem obvious, but especially in cities like Vancouver and Seattle that aren’t used to  a lot of snowfall, people will be out shovelling the driveway in improper footwear such as loafers or dress shoes. Aside from being completely uncomfortable in freezing temperatures, these shoes lack a good grip which means you are more than likely to slip and fall! Wear slip resistant footwear that will grip onto icy surfaces, and keep warm when working outdoors.


When the snow is dry, sometimes you can get away with simply pushing it to the side of the driveway or a walkway. In that case, you can use a wide shovel or scoop to get the job done. However, if the snow is particularly sticky or heavy, you need to lift and toss it to clear it away. In this situation, you'll need a proper sized shovel. If you're working with a shovel that is too big for the job at hand, you’ll hurt your back, and if it's too small you risk strain from unnecessary repetitive motion.


Shovelling snow is a major annoyance, so it's understandable why people procrastinate with this laborious chore. However, if snow is left to accumulate, it can settle and become dense, or in many cases begin to melt and then refreeze, thus becoming solid ice. When this occurs, it’s difficult to clear away, and you're much more likely to injure yourself doing it!

Accidents and injuries are a fact of life, especially during the winters. Learn how to be prepared to deal with these and other emergencies by signing up for L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Courses. We offer numerous classes across the lower mainland with varying times to suit your schedule. Call and register for a course today!
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