LIT Courses During COVID-19: Latest Info & Updates


A couple of things to put your mind at ease as you start to come back into the classroom setting:


Cleaning protocols have been increased

Equipment will be individualized as much as possible (mannequins, AED trainers, etc.)

Due to the nature of the Lifeguarding courses, there will be minimal contact required with other participants.

For Lifeguard/Lifesaving procedures (Spinals, Unresponsive, etc) we will be using submersible mannequins where possible

For physical standards required to be done on another person we will be teaching protocols to minimize risk - We will be switching to mannequins as soon as we are on the pool deck

All instructors are trained in updated COVID protocols


You will be set up with your own personal learning station (2m distance from the other stations)

Cleaning protocols have been increased

Equipment will not be shared amongst participants

Any skills involving partner work will be minimized, but when that is not possible, masks and gloves will be required to be worn.

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