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First Aid Instructor TRANSFER (Option 1)

The First Aid Instructor Transfer Option 1 course is a Canadian Red Cross certification that will allow candidates to become a Red Cross instructor and teach Red Cross First Aid courses including: CPR, Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, Child Care First Aid and Marine Basic First Aid.  

Candidates will take the knowledge learned in previous First Aid teaching courses (from other approved agencies) and apply that to the Red Cross First Aid program.  

Candidates will learn Red Cross delivery methods for instruction using a learner-centered classroom and complete peer teaching sessions to prepare candidates for the Teaching Experience portion of the course, which will be completed after the course.

For information about COVID19 protocols, facility openings and award expiry extensions, please visit our Facebook post:


Prerequisites: 18 years old, Current FAI Certification from an Approved Agency (St. John's, Canada Heart and Stroke, WorkSafe BC, Canadian Ski Patrol, Lifesaving Society) OR Current WorkSafe BC OFA Instructor
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