Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses will teach you how to protect yourself and those close to you
First aid and CPR skills are applicable in your daily life, both at work and at home. If a medical crisis strikes, prepare yourself to act on, control and manage emergencies as you wait for professional responders to arrive. You can make a difference in helping someone in need.

If you require first aid training for employment outside of the aquatic field, contact the organization that is requiring the certification and ask them which qualifications you need to obtain. LIT cannot advise you about required certifications other than those required for aquatics and lifeguarding.


Workplace Red Cross First Aid Training

Looking for workplace first aid training? No problem. LIT will come to you to provide personalized onsite Red Cross first aid training for your team. LIT has flexible scheduling and qualified instructors who are more than happy to come back and recertify your team when certificates expire

Our onsite courses include Standard First Aid & CPR C/AED , Emergency First Aid & CPR C/AED , and CPR C/AED.

Contact LIT to arrange a time/date for workplace training.

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Occupational First Aid at Work

Occupational First Aid is a provincially recognized first aid course for work sites. All employers in B.C. (except those which are federally regulated) must comply with the Workers’ Compensation Board regulations. LIT offers Occupational First Aid Level 1 in your workplace, at your convenience, as part of our onsite first aid training program. The course includes: Primary survey, C-spine control, clearing an airway, artificial ventilation, one-person adult CPR, shock management, basic bleeding control until an ambulance arrives, and minor wound management.

Contact LIT to arrange a date for this extensive workplace training.

Prerequisites: 16 years old. Successful candidates under 19 years of age will receive a restricted ticket until they reach age 19. Restricted ticket holders must work under the supervision of an unrestricted ticket holder


CPR Level C & AED

The Canadian Red Cross CPR level C Basic Rescuer is an important course for everyone in the family. You will learn vital lifesaving actions for victims of all ages. This course allows you to properly recognize and respond to choking, cardiovascular, and breathing emergencies that occur with infants, children and adults. Participants of all first aid experiences and backgrounds are welcome.

Emergency First Aid & CPR C/AED

The Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid is a practical course that will give you the basic skills and knowledge needed to prevent and effectively treat life threatening emergencies. This introductory course covers breathing and cardiovascular problems as well as bleeding emergencies. Participants will also be able to comfortably manage common injuries and accidents that occur in the household. EFA includes CPR Level C Basic Rescuer Certification

Standard First Aid CPR & AED

The Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid (SFA) is a comprehensive course which gives participants the ability to deliver a higher level of first aid treatment in different environments. After completion of this course, you will be prepared for a variety of first aid situations, both life threatening and non life threatening. Standard First Aid includes all EFA course content plus victim management, heat and cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, sprains, wounds, head trauma, diabetes, burns and poisons. SFA includes CPR Level C Basic Rescuer Certification.

Workplace Emergency First Aid (OFA 1)

Workplace Emergency First Aid (also known as Occupational First Aid Level 1 or OFA 1) is a hands-on interactive 1 day course that teaches workers how to deal with the most common workplace first-aid emergencies. The Workplace Emergency First Aid course includes adult CPR, choking procedures as well as emergency scene management, dealing with shock, spinal injuries, minor wound management, major bleeding, internal bleeding, poisons and minor burns. Students will also betrained to use an Automated External Defibrillator.The Red Cross Workplace Emergency First Aid program is recognized by WorkSafe BC as equivalent to the OFA Level 1 program.

Red Cross First Aid at your Location

LIT First Aid & Lifeguard Training will come to your place of work to conduct personalized on-site first aid training for your team.  LIT has flexible scheduling, qualified instructors and can also come to recertify your team when certificates expire.

Occupational First Aid at your Workplace

LIT First Aid & Lifeguard Training conducts Occupational First Aid Level I courses for your workplace’s needs.  Please contact us for more information and to set a time/date for a qualified LIT instructor to come to your workplace to conduct the training.

Occupational First Aid Level I is a recognized first aid course for work sites in British Columbia.  All employers in British Columbia must comply with the Workers’ Compensation Board regulations except those that are federally regulated.

Course Outline

    Primary survey
    C-Spine Control
    How to Clear an Airway
    Artificial Ventilation
    1 person adult CPR
    Shock Management
    Basic Bleeding Control until an ambulance arrives
    Minor Wound Management
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