First Aid Courses


Standard First Aid & CPR C/AED

The Standard First Aid course (including CPR C) is a Canadian Red Cross course that includes a 3-year certification for all successful candidates.  Candidates of all first aid experiences or backgrounds are welcome to attend.  

Candidates will learn how to deal with the following emergencies:
- Care of a Conscious or Unconscious patient
- CPR for Adult, Child and Infant
- Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
- Choking for Adult, Child and Infant
- Circulatory Emergencies (including Chest Pain, Stroke and Deadly Bleeding)
- Breathing Emergencies
- Basic Wound Care
- Head and Spinal Injuries
- Bone and Joint Injuries
- Sudden Medical Emergencies (including fainting, diabetes and seizures)
- Heat and Cold Emergencies
- Poisoning

Standard First Aid (as of September 1, 2018) is also an equivalent award to OFA 1 and is recognized by WorkSafe BC to be used in the workplace.


Prerequisites: 14 years old

Fraser Valley 604.755.4672
Lower Mainland 604.536.6410

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