Lifeguard Courses


Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Course

Bronze Medallion is the first of the required courses to become a certified Lifeguard.  This course is designed for 13 year olds and older (or candidates that have a Bronze Star certification already).  It will teach candidates to keep themselves safe around water and will give them skills to complete a rescue while keeping themselves safe.  This course combines First Aid, Water Rescue, Fitness and decision-making skills to not only challenge but energize any student.  This course includes a 500m Timed swim as part of the evaluation criteria that our instructors will help prepare you for.  The course includes a CPR Level A certification.  

Course Manual will be required to be purchased from the instructor at some course locations.

(Combo courses featuring both Bronze Medallion and Cross are also available)


Prerequisites: Ability to swim AND Bronze Star award OR 13 years old by last day of the course

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Lower Mainland 604.536.6410

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