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Did you know September 14, 2019, is World First Aid Day? Every second Saturday in September is the day of global observance recognizing the importance of first aid training around the world. The annual initiative was created by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in 2000 to promote universal first aid training and celebrate first-aid responders. 


Everyday accidents and injuries are often preventable and can be easily treated with the right skills, knowledge, and confidence to act. However, many people still lack basic first aid training, which is crucial in those dire situations. 


According to the Red Cross, "unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for Canadians between the ages of one and 44." Being adequately equipped with the know-how and training to act in an emergency can make all the difference. 


First aid is defined in Merriam Webster as, "emergency care or treatment is given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained," meaning first aid is the first measure of treatment to be given until medical care is given. 


First aid training can be used for emergencies like:

  • drowning
  • burns
  • CPR
  • bee stings
  • a heart attack
  • nose bleeds
  • heatstroke

While first aid training is essential for those looking for a career in the field, courses can also benefit everyday citizens. If a loved one suffered from an accident, wouldn't it be comforting to know they're surrounded by people trained to help? Why not be that person for others?


Thanks to World First Aid Day, people all over the globe can be reminded of the need for basic medical knowledge. Don't catch yourself unprepared, be ready for any situation and sign-up for training with L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Courses. Passing on the invite could mean saving a life.

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