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Lifesaving Instructor Full Course

Lifesaving Instructor/Examiners are trained using a competency-based model that walks them through teaching and evaluation philosophy and the techniques/approaches required to teach water rescue, first aid and related aquatic skills. Instructors also learn about long-term and short-term planning, class management, safety supervision, and the principles of evaluation.

Lifesaving Instructor/Examiners are trained to teach Junior Lifeguard Club, Swim to Survive, Lifesaving for Lay Rescuers, Lifesaving for Backyard Pool Owners, Safeguard, Canadian Swim Patrol (Rookie, Ranger, Star), Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, and Bronze Cross Candidates are trained in and must demonstrate skills, knowledge, and attitudes at Competency Level 1 (Lifesaving Instructor) to include all aspects of learning as well as various approaches required to teach water rescue, First Aid, and related aquatic skills in the Canadian Lifesaving Program. 

Course Cost includes:
$132 manual fee
$42 agency fee


Prerequisites: 15 years old and Bronze Cross

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