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posted by: LIT First Aid on: June 20, 2019

It’s not hard to see the appeal of being a lifeguard. All you need to do is look at a snapshot of how you’d spend an average working day: sitting there, in the sunshine, at the beach or the pool. And you get paid? Sign us up. Of course, however, this is only one side of the job -- the other is much more serious. You’re there to make sure that the people who are swimming are kept safe. If anything happens, it’ll be your job to make sure that it ends safely, with everyone fine.

If it still sounds good to you, you’re probably wondering how you could get work as a lifeguard. We take a look at a few essential ingredients below.

swimming boy
Source: Pixabay

Life in the water

This one really is non-negotiable. Lifeguards have to be exceptionally strong swimmers, especially if they’re going to be keeping guard at a beach, where conditions in the water could be difficult. Ideally you’ll have been swimming since you were a young child and have had many hours of experience in the water, including recently. You’ll also need to be generally fit and in shape, too, since your job could include carrying people out of the water.

A genuine care

When you’re making sure that everyone is safe, there’s no option for taking chances. Only the people who have a genuine care for people can become lifeguards, because it’s essential that they never take their eyes off the water. If making sure that everyone at the beach has a safe and enjoyable day, then perhaps it’s for you!

Get certified

Finally, you’ll need to look at certification. You won’t be able to become a lifeguard without some proof that you’re able to do the job. To get accreditation, look at studying for a course with LIT First Aid & Lifeguard Training.


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