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You’re the one in charge of your children, and part of making sure they’re kept safe and sound is helping them to help themselves. The first line of defense to keeping them and others around them safe is ensuring that they have the basic safety tips under their belt. They’re never too young to learn how to look after themselves! Below, we take a look at a few useful tips every child should know. Take a read, and make sure your kids have them committed to memory.

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Calling for help

You can’t always prevent accidents from happening. What’s important is that the issue is dealt with quickly. Your child won’t have the know-how to remedy the injuries obtained during an incident, but the professionals will. Make sure they know how to use a mobile telephone and the numbers they should be calling in case of an emergency.

Where to be cautious

Children should have the freedom to go out into the world and play, but it’s important that they’re kept safe. There are certain areas that are especially dangerous for little ones, especially in rural areas. Ponds and forests, for instance, can pose unique, life-threatening dangers. In the city, roads that are busy with roads should be avoided.

Stranger danger

Finally, make sure your children know that they should only be talking with adults with whom they are familiar. If they don’t know the person who’s trying to talk to them, tell them to remember the phrase ‘Stranger Danger,’ and to find a safe space. Though remember to remind me that if they’re in danger, it’s OK to ask strangers for assistance.  

If things do go wrong, then it’s important that you’re on hand to help keep danger to a minimum. By completing a CPR or lifeguard course, you’ll have the basic safety knowledge you need to keep those around you safe.

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