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Fall can be a relaxing time, but it can also bring about a tumultuous and emotional period. Grey skies, colder weather, and an air of doom and gloom often greatly affect one's mood and mental state. As the days get darker, many people experience a mental disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), which is a depressive period brought on by seasonal changes. Alternatively, those who experience chronic depression might feel even more challenged and burdened during this time. 


On October 10, celebrate World Mental Health day, a globally recognized day calling people around the world to improve the lives of those suffering from mental health disorders. This year's theme is suicide prevention, which aims to bring attention to the scale and impact of suicide and how everyday citizens can help prevent it.


Originally established by the World Federation of Mental Health, this day encourages people to take "40 seconds of action," to care, raise awareness, or reduce the stigma of suicide. This can be done by reaching out to someone struggling, sharing one's own experience with suicidal thoughts or sending a letter to public officials asking them to address the growing issue.


Suicide facts from the WFMH: 

  • Suicides are the leading cause of death among 15-19-year-olds
  • Suicides are preventable
  • Every 40 seconds one person dies by suicide
  • Suicide affects people of all age groups in all countries

Another very tangible way to make a difference is by volunteering for your local suicide prevention hot-line or taking a psychological first aid course. A psychological first aid course equips you with the tools to combat depression for yourself and to identify these signs in others. Learn the effects of trauma, loss, grief, and stress and how you can cope by implementing self-care and personal protection tactics. 


The LIT First Aid & Lifeguard Training program offers a 1 or 2-day psychological first aid course that trains you with the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model. This is one of many first aid courses offered by the LIT, to ensure you live in a protected and healthy world. Learn more about the program today!

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