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posted by: LIT First Aid on: February 10, 2021

Image by: Adi Goldstein


Between the upcoming Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, not to mention all kinds of birthdays and special occasions, we understand peoples’ desire to gather together and celebrate. However, the pandemic is still ongoing and now is not the time to let our guards down. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips on how you can still celebrate these milestones and holidays safely.


Plan A Virtual Event

Zoom meetings are all the rage, so why not use it to plan a virtual celebration with your friends and family? You can invite up to 100 participants to one meeting alone. Plus, it’s a great platform to catch up and chat, as well as get creative. For example, you could plan a virtual trivia or board game night, or even plan a cook-along where you choose a dish in advance and cook it together at the same time. Though Zoom isn’t the same as in-person events, try to remember that this won’t last forever, and hopefully by next year you can celebrate with everyone in person.


Get Outdoors

Where possible, taking your celebration outdoors is the safest option if you prefer to see people in person. Plan a picnic, hike, bike ride, or even a day of skiing or snowshoeing. Though this might not be the way you typically celebrate Valentine’s Day or a birthday, it will be a way for you to get together in person and will certainly be a day you’ll remember forever. Just remember to abide by local restrictions and keep your gathering to a minimum. In addition, despite being outdoors, if you’re going to be around others who aren’t from your household, be sure to wear a mask at all times. 


Deliver Gifts or Care Packages

Just because we’re living through a pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t show how much you love someone with a surprise gift. If they don’t live in the same city as you, send them a gift in the mail or have something delivered right to their door. Alternatively, if you do live nearby, consider dropping off a small gift or care package at their doorstep. Most businesses have found a way to offer delivery to their customers. So whether you want to send over a hot meal from their favourite restaurant, a bouquet of fresh flowers, or a box of chocolates, you’re likely to find a local restaurant or business that can do just that for you.


For everyone’s mental health, it’s important not to skip celebrating the holidays and occasions that bring you joy. But for a little while longer, it’s best to celebrate these moments as safely as possible. In order to keep yourself and those around you safe from COVID-19, learning basic first aid can help. Sign up for the L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Training courses to learn important first aid skills and CPR.

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