posted by: LIT First Aid on: July 24, 2018
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Image: Jennifer C.

So, you think you’re too old to learn to swim? Think again!
Just look at Jenna Price from Australia. At sixty-years young, she took the plunge and enrolled in adult learn-to-swim lessons.
Despite having lessons as a child, Jenna said that she was anxious around water and struggled to grasp the strokes—and she eventually pulled out of lessons with only the ability to perform what she describes as a loose resemblance of breaststroke that barely took her to the end of the pool. She never went back in the water after those lessons.
And she’s not alone. Down Under, Royal Life Saving Australia research shows that 75 percent of children exit swimming lessons by the age of eight—prior to them achieving more comprehensive swimming and water safety benchmarks.
The fact that many children exit swimming lessons at an age where they are less likely to learn more advanced skills that will help to protect them in a wider range of aquatic environments is concerning. This not only puts them at greater risk of drowning but as they get older, they miss out on the all the wonderful benefits of swimming and aquatic recreation.
It wasn’t until Jenna became a parent herself that she realized what she was missing out on. Sitting alone on the edge of the pool or the shoreline of the beach, Jenna would watch her aquatically-skilled husband and children frolic around in the water.
With an upcoming holiday to the Barrier Reef, Jenna’s husband suggested she might have more fun if she was actually in the water than watching from a boat.
So, Jenna decided it was time to overcome her fears and jump in (so to speak), by enrolling in one-on-one learn to swim lessons.
On the first day of her lesson Jenna was having second thoughts, but almost two years down the track she feels much more confident.
You’re never too old to take your lifesaving skills further either. Take a course at an organization like LIT First Aid and Lifeguard Training. Who knows? You may even find yourself saving a life next time you’re out on the water.
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