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posted by: LIT First Aid on: January 10, 2022

Image via Aaron Burden


As the cold weather sets in across Canada, it’s more important than ever that you know how to get warm and stay warm. And we’re not just talking about keeping warm outside, it’s equally important to finding ways to warm up inside. Below are a few tips for staying warm indoors in extreme cold.


Turn Up the Heat

The first and most obvious tip? Walk on over to your thermostat and turn up the heat. When there’s a cold-weather warning, the best line of defense is increasing the heat. To ensure it doesn’t dip below your preferred temperature at night or to avoid coming home to a freezing house, look for a programmable or smart thermostat that will keep you toasty at all hours of the day.


Consume Warm Food and Drinks

Consuming warm food and drinks can help increase your body temperature. So put down the iced coffee and make a hot cup of tea instead. Other warm, hearty options include soups, stews, and porridge.


Open the Curtains on Sunny Days 

To keep the heat in, you may wish to invest in heavy-duty curtains with thermal linings and swap them with your thin, sheer curtains come winter. Another trick? Get free heating by opening your curtains on sunny days.


Get Baking

If you have an oven in your home, plan to use it on especially cold days. You may already have noticed that your house becomes a few degrees warmer when the oven is on. Use this to your advantage and bake a fresh batch of blueberry muffins or a pot roast. And remember to leave the oven door open to let the heat escape once you’re finished.


Stay Active

Another way to stay warm indoors this winter is to get active. Find a fitness video on Youtube and get moving. Whether you take a virtual Zumba class, HIIT workout, or dance lesson, it’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping, boost your circulation, and help keep you warm.


Ensure your health and comfort this winter by following the tips above on how to stay warm indoors. We also recommend signing up for the L.I.T. First Aid and Lifeguard Training courses to learn important first aid skills and CPR that could save your life, in the event that you or someone you know gets into an accident this winter.

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