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National Lifeguard Pool/Waterpark Combo

The NL Pool/Waterpark Combo is a jam-packed course designed for candidates that want to work at a larger facility that requires both NL Pool Option and NL Waterpark Option certifications. Candidates will develop judgement skills, communication skills and learn about lifeguard principles for an indoor environment. A large focus of this course is on emergency procedures and fitness skills.

The NL Pool portion of this course is worth TWO (2) Grade 12 High School Credits.

Course Manual and Supplies will be required to be purchased from the instructor at some course locations.

Standard First Aid certifications are only accepted from the following agencies: Canadian Red Cross (all LIT Courses are Red Cross), St. John's Ambulance, Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke of Canada, Canadian Ski Patrol

For information about COVID19 protocols, facility openings and award expiry extensions, please visit our Facebook post:


Prerequisites: 15 years old by last day of the course, Bronze Cross, 14 hour Standard First Aid (from a recognized agency)

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